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Channel is on hiatus, we are having issues with sufficient bandwidth to stream at our new location, stay tuned!     
Breaking News This election has shown us the importance  of having a informed voters. We had planned to ease into the local programing in development. Now we feel an urgency is getting the most important of the programs airing as soon as possible. We will be using the next two months to finish getting those programs up and going and relaunch with expanded local coverage.
Help Needed   I am looking for volunteers for a variety of positions if you are interested in learning video production please email me at thecitycommons@cox.net
Producers   Looking for at least 10 producers to start, it is fine if you are showing your program on KPAO. Email me at thectycommons@cox.net if interested.

Breaking News!!       Channel Lineup available HERE   278 Programs!!

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